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Rachel Jackson

· Interview,Comedy,Writing

Why did the Chicken? caught up with fabulous writer-performer Rachel Jackson for a chat...

Hi Rachel! How would you describe your style of comedy in 3 words?

Energetic, mad, jokes.

You're debuting your first-hour long show - 'Bunny Boiler' at Edinburgh this year - what's it all about?

It's a hybrid between comedy and theatre and is me playing an extremely heightened version of myself and the mad things that have happened in my love life over the years. It's got something for everyone in it - who's not been in some god awful relationship after all?!

The show has been building in various forms for a while now, including a fab online series for BBC3. What was it like working with the BBC Comedy team?

They are amazing. I love what the BBC have done for me. BBC Three approached me and the producer of Bunny Boiler was incredible at making it all happen very quickly - like I would have left her alone if she hadn't.

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"Energetic, mad, jokes."

So how did you get spotted by the BBC?

They came to see my fringe show 'Memoirs of a Bunny Boiler' when it was a work in progress at the free fringe in 2015. It's given me a personal reality of that age old expression 'you never know who's in watching you.'

What was the scariest thing about writing 6 episodes of online comedy?

It wasn't so much scary it was more just crazy because it was my first time working with a script editor. You have that pinch yourself moment when you're like, someone has been paid to come and take my ideas seriously? It was mad!!

What was the best thing?

Getting to say I was a lead in my own show! Even if it was a mini series it's still a really cool achievement.

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"You never know who's watching you."

You're a massive fan of social media - how has this helped you find new audiences for your work?

I don't know if I'm a fan, more like a slave. I have to be quite relentless on Twitter to keep my buzz going. But if you think I'm bad on twitter - you should see me on LinkedIn.

Which media platforms do you used to promote your material?

I'm currently using Periscope and finding it to be a quick and amazing way of getting people from all over the world knowing about you and looking up your work! And easy to block the creeps too! I also love Twitter and LinkedIn. I also have a YouTube channel!

Have you got any tips for budding comedy writers?

Write loads, and email people every single day! I can vouch for being a professional Bunny Boiler and how if you bug people enough they can't not be a little bit curious as to what you've got to offer.

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You can buy tickets to Rachel's Edinburgh Fringe show now!