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    Laurence Tratalos

    (BBC Comedy Writersroom Winner 2015)

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    High-quality scripts, reports, courses & content

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    Looking for new ways to engage your audience? We match breakthrough talent with original comedy formats to create content that will engage, entertain and delight your community.

    • Award-winning performers
    • BBC-standard writers
    • Scripted and non-scripted formats
    • Fully produced 'upload and go' content


      Professional Script Reports

      From just £69* per report


      Our high impact reports give you the feedback you need to make your script up to twice as good. Choose from mini or full options and we will:

      • Highlight strengths
      • Pinpoint weaknesses
      • Spot LOADS of opportunities to improve
      • Give you the encouragement you need to move forwards!

      * Non-commercial rate

      1-2-1 Coaching

      From only £149 for 3 weeks support


      Our 1-2-1 coaching service is all about supporting your needs through a mix of advice, training and feedback. Choose a 3, 5 or 7 week support package to receive:

      • Weekly Skype calls and feedback 
      • Weekly exercises to improve your skills
      • Reading materials & guidance
      • Creative templates & a shared workspace via Google Docs

      Training Courses



      Learn the secrets of Sitcom, take a Topical Comedy Masterclass or simply learn how to write your first joke with one of our highly rated courses!

      • Supportive and friendly environment
      • Plenty of interactive exercises and examples
      • Work in pairs to build your skills 
      • Students receive a copy of all course materials


        Idea Development

        From just £149 per development pack


        A service designed to help you move from ideas through to polished pre-shooting scripts. Packages are for bundles of 3, 6 & 9 scripts and include:

        • Initial consultation via Skype
        • Dedicated Script Editor
        • Script notes on your 1st and 2nd drafts
        • Final polish to pre-shooting standard


          Bespoke Scripts

          From only £99/£299* per bespoke script


          Our crack team of writers and script editors have experience across radio, online and TV. Whether it's for an advert, showcase, web-series or sketch show, we can help.

          • Selection of a writer who matches your style
          • Delivery of a script that meets your brief
          • Rewrites included!
          • All supported by a professional Script Editor

          * Personal vs Commercial rates

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