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    "Your notes were concise, incisive and got to the heart of the issues with my script. You highlighted the areas that needed improving and gave helpful advice on how to move my script forward. You clearly know comedy and I would recommend your feedback to any budding sitcom writers."

    Laurence Tratalos

    (BBC Comedy Writersroom 2015 winner)

    "I was very sceptical about any script reading services, what could they provide that I couldn’t do myself? Well, you have provided me with an in-depth analysis of my script. You have pinpointed problems that I had not even thought about. Not only that, you have given me ideas and direction in overcoming these problems. I recommend your services to anyone who wishes to move forward with their writing."

    David McGregor


    "I've just read your amazing and lovely feedback and am overwhelmed by the detail of it and how much you got it and enjoyed it! Amazing notes to help me develop it more before pitching it to channels ...your feedback really was exceptional and I'm gonna take it all on board for my next rewrite.

    Rachel Jackson


    "I really enjoyed your course - it gave me a different way of looking at writing content. You have a great teaching style, the way you structured the course gave us a lot of variety to each lesson and time seemed to fly by! I’ve learnt new techniques and stretched my writing muscles. I’ll definitely recommend your comedy writing courses."

    Charlotte Jane Phillips

    (Managing Director, What is your story?)

    "Your insight and suggestions have helped our production greatly. We highly recommend your services."

    Michael Bonner-Mackenzie

    (Producer, Horrific Squid productions)

    "You provide excellent, thought through, clear and constructive feedback, that focuses on building on the positives within a script to fix its problems and issues while keeping the identity of the idea. Highly recommended."

    Paul Nash


    "As a writer it’s too easy to be dismissive, cynical and even sceptical about advice, however I found your notes to be concise, to the point and hugely knowledgeable."

    Dave McKenna


    "You gave great feedback that was really helpful in progressing my script. They were insightful notes that helped me see my script in a different way, along with suggestions for how to move it forward and make it better.

    Mark Daniels


    "Your notes have helped me understand where I could go with this, and got me to think of things I hadn't before."

    David Blakemore


    "Thankyou so much for your excellent notes and kind words. Really useful thankyou!"

    Philip Lawrence

    (eOne tV award-winning writer)

    "Daniel’s script notes resurrected for me a work that I had given up on after rejection by the BBC. Thanks to his life supporting ideas, the patient can be reworked and maybe appear in another guise, as a stage play perhaps. I had almost given up but Daniel’s enthusiasm for the better aspects of my script showed me it was not all bad and he had constructive criticism for its faults. All I need to do now is put the work in!”

    Jackie Fowle


    "Your incisive and considered feedback was just what we needed to assess the state of our script. It can be very hard to get useful, impartial opinions on your work but you completely understood the themes and atmosphere of the world we were trying to create while expertly highlighting aspects which could be improved."

    Alex Telfer


    "The coverage on my sitcom pilot script was breathtakingly thorough. When it comes to inspiring further rewrites, it helps immensely to have someone point out all the things that you had been mulling over in your head anyway, along with a few things you hadn't considered. You can't ignore something when more than one person is thinking the same thing. I'd highly recommend Why Did The Chicken's coverage for any aspiring or professional writer."

    Dean Thomas

    (Founder, Short Game Productions)

    "I started the course with no writing experience, and I ended it with the tools to write and edit original jokes and sketches. Dan has crafted a fantastic course. Accommodating for a variety of experience levels, he teaches excellent methods for coming up with topics, twists and punchlines. I was delighted to complete the course with a fully formed sketch, and a newly found confidence to write more!"."

    Flo Taylor Jones


    "You got straight to the point of my script, really understood the characters, made many helpful suggestions and suggested further sources of help."

    Laurence Wyche


    "Your reports were amazing"

    Kieran Atherton

    (Writer/Producer, Red Mist Scripts)

    "Genuinely recommend very highly"

    James Hamilton


    "It was great to get some honest, constructive feedback with plenty of extremely helpful questions"

    Sheridan Winter


    "Brilliant and incisive feedback which along with the helpful suggestions will make for a stronger script all round. Cannot recommend this thoroughly professional service highly enough!"

    Paul Baynes


    "Dan can follow logic in a sea of absurdity, and poke holes so precisely he should make Emmental cheese. He says he’ll make your script work hard for you, and he’s made ours work so hard they’ve lowered their cholesterol. Oh, and they’re much funnier!"

    Tim Barnes & Simon Berry


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