• Greats podcasts = happy audiences

    Engage your audience

    Over 7 million people listen to a podcast each week in the UK alone.


    Instead of another blog, or low budget YouTube video, why not offer your audience a slice of professionally produced audio they can enjoy anywhere, anytime?


    Comedy, entertainment and discussion shows are the top 3 most listened to genres, Want one of your own?


    (Source: Popular Research, March 19)

    Get into the charts

    We LOVE creating original content that stands out.


    Thanks to our network of top-tier talent, award-winning producers and BBC grade comedy writers and sound engineers, our shows regularly chart on iTunes and consistently generate 5 star reviews.


    Plus we can record anywhere - location, live audience, over the internet in studio.

    Let us do the hard work

    W can take care of everything from creating the concept, to booking the talent, recording and editing the show and recommending a hosting platform.


    We'll source the perfect host, most engaging guests and and funniest writers.


    We'll use the latest audio software, edit to industry standards and even help you plan your marketing and promotions campaign.

  • I have questions!

    (that's okay, it's good to be curious)

    Q. How much will my podcast cost?

    It typically depends on the length, complexity and talent involved, but we can usually fit around your budgets. Please contact dan@whydidthechicken.com to talk turkey. And numbers.

    Q. How many episodes will I get?

    We tend to produce shows on a 'per series' basis, with each series containing at least 6-12 episodes, but we're very happy to work around your knees. I mean needs. Damn autocorrect.

    Q. Will my podcast be listed on iTunes?

    Yep. We can also get it listed on other distributors such as Podbean, Google Podcasts, Spotify and all good bookshops. (Okay so maybe not bookshops, but you get the point).

    Q. How do I tell people about it?

    It's true that there are lots of podcasts out there that cutting through the noise can be tricky. Luckily, tricky is our middle name (it's not, it's Eggbert) and we can help you put together an effective marketing plan.

    Q. Do you work to any production standards?

    I mean look, since you're asking, then I'll be totally honest and...yes, yes we do. We have a range of policies in place to ensure content is appropriate and meets industry standard audio specifications.

    Q. Are you insured?

    Great question. We hold Public Liability, Employee Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, which I"m sure you'll agree are the best kinds of insurance and probably my personal top 3.

    Q. Can you record remotely?

    Yes, we use pro levels tools such as Squadcast, Cleanfeed and Riverside to deliver great sounding audio from a distance!

    Q. I have more questions!

    For which we respect and admire you. Contact us via dan@whydidthechicken.com and we'll do our best to answer them.

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